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In a time when philanthropy is more important than ever, we can help you design a giving program that’s right for you—so that your passions and interests can direct your giving. Our knowledgeable staff serves as a liaison with charities close to home and far away—lending expertise on a wide range of issues and helping you measure the impact of your giving.

You can create your own “giving account” by establishing a Donor Advised Fund and taking advantage of our many Donor Services. You can have an impact for decades to come by contributing to the Permanent Fund for Boston. events PlayworksAnd you can support your favorite charity through a Designated Fund or have an impact on an issue that you care deeply about through a Field-of-Interest Fund.

If you are just beginning to think about your philanthropy, visit the Giving Common, where you can find detailed, up-to-date information about Massachusetts nonprofits and make grants online with your credit card.

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Give Now

  • Donor Advised Funds at the Boston Foundation

    Would you like to be directly engaged in the process of deciding what causes and which institutions will receive your support? Donor Advised Funds, often referred to as "giving accounts," operate much like private foundations but without the administrative burdens or paperwork.
  • Establish a Field-of-Interest Fund

    Field of Interest Funds support particular areas of community life, such as the arts or education, or specific populations, such as children or the elderly.
  • Support Your Favorite Charity

    Would you like to support a specific organization into the future?  A Designated Fund lets you earmark dollars for an annual contribution to your alma mater, a favorite cultural institution, your place of worship or any other 501 (c)(3) organization in Greater Boston or across the United States.  Also visit The Giving Common to learn more about nonprofit organizations across Massachusetts.
  • Take Advantage of Our Services

    The Boston Foundation has an entire Donor Services Department that is dedicated to working closely with you to make your philanthropy as effective and fulfilling as possible. Our staff will sit down with you to discuss your ideas, your values—and the issues that are most important to you. The Philanthropic Initiative, a distinct unit of the Boston Foundation, also offers customized philanthropic consulting services to donors looking to increase the impact of their giving.
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