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The Hack.Diversity Fund at the Boston Foundation was established in 2017 to fill an urgent and glaring gap. Hack.Diversity partners with the city’s fastest growing tech teams to identify, develop, and equip high-performing talent who predominantly identify as Black or Latinx to launch careers as software engineers, IT professionals, and data analysts within the innovation economy.

We’re not just changing the talent landscape –– we’re starting a movement to create a more inclusive, innovative, and prosperous Boston.

If you’re looking for ways to make an impact, here’s what you can do now.

Donate: Donate below to fuel programs that directly support the professional, personal, and economic success of Hack.Fellows.

Hire a Hack Fellow Today: Talented Hack Fellows are ready to join your team and make meaningful contributions in the areas of IT, software engineering, and data science. Email Angela Liu at 1gYXNE9pTkoK1vYz4TOg0VCp3KrMBxkHz6cnTVv1oFSRcf712sccm/xgCm/hy2IMDR7mH4QrahGV0rpwTygXDRr+dVwY+1r+oWSIlFF4Q+/awbraUmpdUWen+w2oZoNVjsALOfoLkn1VX5/bI8XIa5PSUREdL16fJXOcMueEp8hbPWSFlEgYlCP2Zq0HTZUe56ojLlbT1v/MbEMaPW6T9r0w7CaaeGV68Pq9icsYZhA= to connect.

“Creating change is overwhelming, and requires confronting many hard problems. We know teams are more functional when they are diverse, and value partnering with Hack.Diversity.”
- Paul English, CTO & Co-Founder, Lola

Become a Sponsor: Contact 1gYXNE9pTkoK1vYz4TOg0VCp3KrMBxkHz6cnTVv1oFSRcf712sccm/xgCm/hy2IMDR7mH4QrahGV0rpwTygXDRr+dVwY+1r+oWSIlFF4Q+/awbraUmpdUWen+w2oZoNVjsALOfoLkn1VX5/bI8XIa5PSUREdL16fJXOcMueEp8hbPWSFlEgYlCP2Zq0HTZUe56ojLlbT1v/MbEMaPW6T9r0w7CaaeGV68Pq9icsYZhA= to partner with us.

To support Hack.Diversity by check, please follow the directions below, making your contribution out to “The Boston Foundation” with “Hack.Diversity Fund” in the memo line. 

Gift Instructions

Thank you for your interest. You may make credit card donations using the form below.

To donate by check, make your check payable to "Boston Foundation, Inc." with the name of the fund in the memo field and mail to:
The Boston Foundation
Fund Administration
75 Arlington Street, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02116

For wire or bank transfers, or to inquire about transferring other types of assets, please click here for a PDF of the fund gift instructions or contact our Fund Administration office at (617) 338-2213 or email txT3N9GdCjgeu5RsHsUng5RNzegm1JK9lBq6RferEQ+xSrMrlfehJ7YsQaxkP4aNRINa9ZumWUCH8Ycu01lePCb/gzc+z0RwdXJPcENSyR4DRKvcLiSgdiFmVVLJeZ1VDwgiyikiyiXl4Cz70RqYnP1/IzzpTIX9/jmt96X6/W+PhDyCWWSZCRCGwk0GdebX.