GranCommunity Fund

Margie Bride and Terry McEnany formed GranCommunity to improve the education, social service, and infrastructure of Blantyre, Malawi. By empowering the grandmothers of this community, providing a gathering place and educational facilities for them, their wealth of knowledge and skills may be passed along to younger generations and the many orphans of HIV/AIDS. 

You may learn more about their efforts at

Across Africa, grandmothers play an essential role in their communities, providing love, courage and emotional resilience to foster orphans. Help build and sustain such a community in Blantyre through the GranCommunity Fund.

If you have any questions about donating, please contact our Fund Administration Office at 617-338-2213. For those interested in contributing with a cash wire, securities or other non-cash assets, please email the Senior Director of Donor Relations at ZYPz2OpxQwA6TjktNUL1S+t6A6nzlG0EOIBvt09CNM+eTmocYnDvVz4Ed3juYIQ0REUc++XtxRgGMoIzqjrkK/5bj3vs8ofNkvgFEBVP54nc5RhHuzSIdlYA7ywWBN0R.