In Memoriam: Tim Gassert

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Tim Gassert joined the Boston Foundation in 2003 as Director of Web Communications and Corporate Secretary, and had previously been Counsel and Vice President for new media at Community Newspapers. Prior to that, he had a distinguished career in Government as Chief Counsel for the Commonwealth’s Division of Public Records.

Those of us who worked closely with Tim will miss his passion, humor and the grace and optimism that he brought to every endeavor, conversation and relationship.  Tim believed so deeply in helping others and the mission of the Boston Foundation—and expressed that with such endearing candor that it made even the most mundane conversations about board minutes or website logistics a pleasure.

Tim’s service to the Foundation, as the trusted corporate secretary with encyclopedic knowledge of nonprofit legal issues and the history of TBF, and as our Director of Web Communications who completely redesigned our website and set us up for success in the new media landscape, cannot be understated. But equally important to the quality of his work was his quality as a human being. He was kind and caring, readily sharing his joy, love of music and family, and passion for the work of the Foundation and his co-workers. We will not see his like again soon.

From all of us, thank you for considering a donation to the Boston Foundation in Tim's memory.

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