Food and Fuel Fund


With nighttime temperatures dropping below freezing, our thoughts especially turn to families who are homeless, food insecure, or struggling to pay their winter utility bills. On any given night, more than 20,000 people are homeless statewide, 66% of whom are families with children. Colder temperatures also mean increased heating bills, which can stretch budgets thin and force families to make difficult choices about how to heat their homes or keep food on the table. Recent estimates predict that families using fuel assistance to pay for their oil heating will fully use their subsidy by the end of this month.

The Food and Fuel Fund was established in 2008 to provide timely and critical basic needs assistance to our Massachusetts neighbors during the cold winter months. Your 2020 contribution and partnership will help community organizations meet increased demand for food, utility bill assistance, and shelter. Grants are made to nonprofit partners working on the ground through the Boston Foundation’s responsive community grant program, Open Door Grants.

With the generous support of our donor community, the Food and Fuel Fund made 10 grants totaling $148,000 last winter. Grantees are high-performing organizations that provide emergency services such as National Consumer Law Center (NCLC), who through their Project Stay Connected helps low-income households avoid losing essential utility services, helps to restore service for those who have been disconnected, and trains front-line social services providers to work with clients to prevent residential utility terminations, resulting in fewer families choosing whether “to heat or eat.” Last year NCLC trained 110 front line agency staff on the basic rights of utility customers and directly assisted over 100 low-income households in avoiding terminations of utility services or restoration of already-terminated service. National Consumer Law Center is one of many organizations making a difference when winter weather turns harsh.

To support the Fund, make a donation using the form below or recommend a grant from your Donor Advised Fund to the Boston Foundation for the purpose of the Food and Fuel FundAll donations made to the Fund will be directed to organizations serving people’s basic needs of food, fuel and shelter during the cold winter months. 

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with questions or should additional information be desired. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Gift Instructions

Thank you for your interest. You may make credit card donations using the form below.

To donate by check, make your check payable to "Boston Foundation, Inc." with the name of the fund or initiative in the memo field and mail to:
The Boston Foundation
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For wire or bank transfers, or to inquire about transferring other types of assets, please click here for a PDF of the fund gift instructions or contact our Fund Administration office at (617) 338-2213 or email w7Dya1hZFpL/5UTkLkdMBQcEeVUYRcm7gZPPy0sH3e+DiGmuPGfbpoiXEf4wV83+AmAOPg57//odI91j5TzyjYCL4hQzRUifb9c4VciZzAyypT+Gs7mjAHvzTfRKezd5cTE/6uoJyjWvLcNrISwHhjgb61LKuuau0DjVuuwkMrveUlv56TJrkzmXW8o3HwnS.