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Below is a list of websites for a variety of initiatives, coalitions and forums the Boston Foundation supports.

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  • The Boston Indicators Project

    Boston Indicators Project  logo

    For more than ten years, The Boston Indicators Project has been a primary data resource for the Greater Boston community, providing a rich online portal of data while tracking change in ten sectors.

  • The Coalition FOR Community Colleges

    Coalition FOR Community Colleges

    The Coalition FOR Community Colleges is a statewide coalition of Massachusetts civic, community and business leaders who want to see community colleges live up to their potential for all students.

  • The Commonwealth Housing Task Force

    Commnwealth Housing Task Force logo

    The CHTF is an ad hoc group representing widely-diverse constituencies: business and civic leaders, foundation leadership, affordable housing advocates, the environmental community, organized labor, real estate developers, elected and appointed officials at both the state and local levels, and higher education. They have come together to find common ground and to address the state's housing crisis on a coordinated basis.

  • The John LaWare Leadership Forum

    John LaWare Leadership Forums logo

    Founded in 2005, the John LaWare Leadership Forum is a flexible civic mechanism that informs and convenes Greater Boston’s business and civic leaders to respond to the region’s competitiveness challenges and opportunities.
    The Forum promotes a dynamic model of coordinated and distributed leadership focused on: supporting promising initiatives ripe for implementation; identifying gaps in existing efforts; clearing roadblocks to progress; and celebrating civic achievements.
    Co-sponsored by a growing list of business and civic groups, the Forum encourages and tracks progress in the key areas of education, housing, jobs and new leadership. The Forum is informed by the Boston Indicators Project, which provides data, measures of change and a broad civic agenda.

  • The Race to the Top Coalition

    RTTT Coalition logo

    The Race To The Top Coalition is a group of leaders from business, civic and community groups that worked to secure broad support for education reform in the Commonwealth.

  • Success Boston

    Success Boston  logo

    On November 17, 2008, Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced Success Boston, a new college completion initiative aimed at dramatically increasing the number of Boston Public Schools students completing college. Other major supporters of Success Boston include the Boston Public Schools, the Boston Foundation, the Boston Private Industry Council and other area nonprofits, and many of Boston’s area colleges.

  • Healthy People Healthy Economy Coalition

    HPHE  logo

    Healthy People/Healthy Economy is a coalition to make Massachusetts the preeminent state in the country for health and wellness. The coalition is targeted at stemming a rising tide of preventable chronic illness and the threat it poses to the Commonwealth's health, fiscal stability and economic competitiveness. The Boston Foundation and NEHI with the support of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and numerous other valuable contributors, have launched Healthy People/Healthy Economy to create a broad coalition for action in the many areas that impact health and health behaviors.

  • The Giving Common

    Giving Common  logo

    The Giving Common is a detailed, online resource that connects you to in-depth information about nonprofit organizations working to enhance communities across Massachusetts. Data is a critical part of driving social change, and you can use the Giving Common to inform your philanthropy.

  • Boston Opportunity Agenda

    Boston Opportunity Agenda  logo

    The Boston Opportunity Agenda marks the first time that the City of Boston and the Boston Public Schools and the city’s leading public charities and many of our foundations have come together to ensure all residents have access to the education necessary for the upward economic mobility, civic engagement, and lifelong learning for themselves and their families.  The participants fervently believe that by combining their resources, expertise and influence around a single agenda, the efforts will have a greater impact on Boston's cradle to career educational pipeline.

  • Collaborate Boston

     Collaborate Boston

    Launched in October 2013, Collaborate Boston is an open prize competition for community-led, cross-sector collaborative ideas.  Each prize cycle, $100,000 in funding is awarded to the most promising collaborations focused on achieving specific outcomes for the people and/or places that make up our communities and that demonstrate strong resident leadership. Collaborate Boston is based on the dual premises that it will take all of us working together across organizations, sectors and other silos to achieve the complex and lasting change we seek; and that some of the best, most powerful ideas about how to strengthen communities come from the residents of these communities themselves.

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