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It's time to stop just talking about education reform and start actually doing it. It's time to make education America's national mission.

– President Barack Obama, November 4, 2009

About the Federal Race to the Top Program

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  President Obama's Remarks
on Race to the Top
  November 4, 2009

Race to the Top Fact Sheet,
November 4, 2009 
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On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), historic legislation designed to stimulate the economy, support job creation, and invest in critical sectors, including education. The ARRA laid the foundation for education reform by supporting investments in innovative strategies that are most likely to lead to improved results for students, long-term gains in school and school system capacity, and increased productivity and effectiveness.

The ARRA provided $4.35 billion for the Race to the Top Fund, a competitive grant program that was designed to encourage and reward States that are creating the conditions for education innovation and reform; achieving significant improvement in student outcomes, including making substantial gains in student achievement, closing achievement gaps, improving high school graduation rates, and ensuring student preparation for success in college and careers; and implementing ambitious plans in four core education reform areas.

About Race to the Top in Massachusetts

Massachusetts was one of 12 winning states in the national Race to the Top competition, funded by the U.S. Department of Education to promote reform in four areas: standards and assessments, great teachers and leaders, school turnaround, and data systems. Half of RTTT funding was allocated to ESE for enhanced data systems, model curriculum, evaluation and other state infrastructure to continue to support the education reform begun in the Commonwealth in 1993. The balance of RTTT funding was allocated to over 250 participating school districts and charter schools who had signed on to the challenge of implementing RTTT programs at the local level. RTTT resources allowed us to build the skills, expand the capacity, create the tools, and harness the technology needed to close persistent achievement gaps while increasing achievement for all.

The Massachusetts Race to the Top Application

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Nine States and the District of Columbia Win Second Round Race to the Top Grants (US Dept. of Education press release).

RACE TO THE TOP Phase 2 Final Results.

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