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"The Commonwealth Housing Task Force has proposed the most innovative plan to increase the housing stock in Greater Boston since the run-up in prices began two decades ago. The plan is sure to encounter roadblocks, but the broad coalition assembled by the task force ... suggests that its supporters have the staying power to change public policy."

2003 Boston Globe editorial

The Commonwealth Housing Task Force

The Commonwealth Housing Task Force is a diverse group of business, civic and community leaders dedicated to promoting a consensus housing agenda focused on solving Massachusetts’ pressing housing needs. CHTF utilizes data and research to advocate for local and state policies supporting density and affordable housing as a means to: 

  • increase Massachusetts economic competitiveness
  • manage the inflow of new residents
  • retain residents currently being pushed out of the state due to rising housing costs.

The Massachusetts Housing Crisis

Since 2002, the Boston Foundation has funded Northeastern University to produce the annual Greater Boston Housing Report Card.  Over the last 13 years, it has chronicled a remarkable period that saw housing prices soar and then plummet during the Great Recession, only to rise again with the region’s economic recovery. During the past five years, prices and rents have increased to the point where housing costs as a share of income have increased sharply for a growing proportion of the region’s households.

The most recent Greater Boston Housing Report Card revealed that Greater Boston is not only experiencing a serious housing shortage, but also an escalating mismatch between the type of available housing and the type of housing most desired by its two fastest growing demographic clusters: aging baby boomers and young millennials. With the metro economy robust and growing, the local housing market is increasingly “out of sync” with demand. As a result, where young millennials are making due by doubling up and tripling up in multi-unit housing in Boston and its nearby communities, working families for which such housing was originally built are being squeezed out. Many aging baby boomers are seeking smaller housing units, but finding it difficult to locate such units at affordable prices in the communities where they have lived for much of their adult lives.

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