The Action Fund

Mothers for Justice and Equality

Since 2008, the Boston Foundation has made more than $1.2 million in 380 small, strategic grants through our Action Fund to support the work of community change-makers.  In some cases $200 has made a difference. In others, it has been $7,500. The average Action Fund grant is $3,000.

Grantees do not apply, but are identified through a proactive model that involves embedding a member of the Foundation’s Program staff in Boston’s neighborhoods. The staff member seeks out people who are making change happen, identifies opportunities to strengthen their work through Action Fund grants, and connects people with natural affinities for cross-fertilization and unified action.  The geographic focus to date has primarily been Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan.

The lessons learned and connections made through this process have enriched the Foundation’s grant making. In some cases, small Action Fund grants have fostered the growth of new nonprofits, such as Mothers for Justice and Equality.  In other cases, the Foundation has been able to respond quickly and nimbly with Action Fund grants for special events and needs.

For more information on the Action Fund, please contact, Director, Grassroots Programs.