Collaborate Boston

Collaborate Boston logoLaunched in October 2013, Collaborate Boston is an open prize competition for community-led, collaborative ideas.  Each prize cycle, $100,000 in funding is awarded to the most promising collaborations focused on achieving specific outcomes for the people and/or places that make up our communities and that demonstrate strong leadership by a specified group. Collaborate Boston is based on the dual premises that it will take all of us working together across organizations, sectors and other silos to achieve the complex and lasting change we seek; and that some of the best, most powerful ideas about how to strengthen communities come from the communities themselves.

Read more about Collaborate Boston’s previous winners (20162014 and 2013) and our lessons learned.

Contact Information

To learn more about Collaborate Boston please email Natanja Craig, Director, Grassroots Strategy, (617) 338-2678, or Dee Moore, Grassroots Program Associate, (617) 338-4276.