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The Arts & Culture impact area is currently undergoing strategic and thematic restructuring. With the goal of directly addressing existing community needs and ecosystem gaps in the Boston and Greater Boston creative community, this effort is informed by local and national research, more than 200 conversations with leaders, stakeholders and practitioners in the arts and culture sector, as well as information gathered through the City of Boston’s “Boston Creates” cultural planning process.  The Arts & Culture impact area is also benefitting from information relayed in the Understanding Boston report, How Boston and 10 Other American Cities Support and Sustain the Arts, a scan of the arts and culture ecosystem in Greater Boston conducted by TDC and published by the Boston Foundation in February of 2016. The areas under consideration in this impact area include advocacy, policy, research, convening and grant-making work that will aim to reach artists, arts and culture programs and organizations across Greater Boston.  We anticipate communicating the new goals and strategies for this impact area in the summer of 2016.

Grantee Highlight

MASSCreative, a three-year old arts advocacy organization seeded by The Boston Foundation, thrives on bringing arts into the center of the conversation culturally and politically.  In its short tenure, MASSCreative has:  worked successfully with a broad-based action network to advocate for increased federal, state and local investment in arts and cultural activities, raised public awareness about the creative sector and increased the support for the arts community as a vital part of our communities.  In 2015, MASSCreative convened stakeholders across Massachusetts to get arts on the agenda for the Mayoral campaign.  Its ongoing goal is to highlight the crucial role the creative economy plays in the health and strength of the Commonwealth, and to engender opportunities for the arts to help build equitable and vibrant communities.