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Increase the livability, affordability and safety of Greater Boston neighborhoods

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Researchers from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government published stunning statistics which showed that from 2006 to 2009, 39 percent of all of Boston’s homicides and 52 percent of all fatal shootings took place within a small (3.42 square mile) area—neighborhoods that also have high rates of poverty and disinvestment.  In response, the Boston Foundation created StreetSafe Boston, a five-year, $18 million special initiative focusing on the geographical area identified by the study.


StreetSafe Boston represents a unique model approach to curbing youth violence and helping young people—a model that is being studied by cities across the United States and around the world.  StreetSafe trains and deploys streetworkers who are committed to developing direct, constant connections with proven-risk young people.  Once a streetworker gains a youth’s trust, he connects him or her with other StreetSafe staff members who can help to provide everything from education to housing to health care and job training.

Desired Outcomes

StreetSafe Boston’s goals are specific and measurable.  The initiative seeks to decrease gang-involved shootings by 60% in the five neighborhoods where most shootings take place—and decrease youth homicides by 30% in those neighborhoods.  In addition, the goal is to build relationships with youth on the street and link them to life-supporting services.

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At the heart of everything the Boston Foundation has done over the last century—every grant it has made, every innovation it has supported, every cause it has championed—is its endowment, the Permanent Fund for Boston.  Established through bequests left by hundreds of visionary and forward-thinking Bostonians since 1917, this essential fund fuels all of the Foundation’s work and provides the resources that have sparked positive change and enabled new ideas.

The Civic Leadership Fund Female student portrait photo The Civic Leadership Fund supports the Foundation’s role as a civic hub where information, knowledge, resources and influence come together for the greater good of our region.  This crucial fund helps us tackle some of our region’s most serious challenges through a wide range of activities.