StreetSafe Boston

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StreetSafe Boston is a multi-year, $18 million youth development and safety initiative designed to dramatically reduce youth violence in a subset of Boston neighborhoods disproportionately and persistently affected by high rates of violent crime.

StreetSafe was developed in response to research conducted by Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government which showed that a small number of young people play a significant role in driving the vast majority of violence in five specific Boston neighborhoods.  StreetSafe Boston focuses on these neighborhoods, which encompass a 3.42 square mile area in Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan—neighborhoods that also have high poverty rates.

StreetSafe is based on the concept that effective street level intervention is the key to connecting the chronically isolated proven-risk youth populations in these areas to much needed programs and services.  The initiative deploys Streetworkers who are committed to developing direct, constant connections with proven-risk young people.  StreetSafe’s goals are to decrease gang-involved shootings by 60% in the five neighborhoods where most shootings take place and decrease youth homicides by 30% in those neighborhoods.

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