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To achieve opportunity for all residents of Greater Boston, we are deeply committed to strategies and deep systems change that have within them the power to drive our city and region forward.  Through this broad framework, the Foundation has two expansive goals that reflect our deep commitment to strengthening the Greater Boston community:

  • Greater Boston residents are successful and thriving
  • Greater Boston communities are vibrant, safe and affordable

Within each of these overarching goals we have developed specific objectives and strategies that guide our work.  Together with our donors and many partners, we strive to have a powerful and measurable impact on important areas of community life, including: dramatic improvements in education and health attainment; safe and vibrant neighborhoods; robust arts and cultural participation; and a local and regional economy that enables everyone to thrive.

In everything we do, we seek to increase economic competitiveness and prosperity and create neighborhoods with opportunities for all. 

We use all of the tools in our toolbox to move the needle in these important areas of community life.  First, we work closely with our donors to increase the impact of their giving and encourage philanthropy throughout the region.  We also invest our grant making resources in programs and special initiatives that are closely aligned with the results we seek.  And we engage in civic leadership activities that contribute to shaping our priorities, informing our work and strengthening the public policies that affect our city and our state.

  • Objectives and Strategies

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    All of our objectives and strategies are designed to encourage and nurture “thriving people and vibrant places” throughout Greater Boston.  They are the result of information and insights gained from our highly diverse community—through surveys, focus groups and numerous conversations with Greater Boston’s civic and nonprofit leaders.  They are also informed by an enormous body of research conducted with our partners over the last decade, providing us with unique insights into the problems and challenges we face as a community. 
  • Initiatives

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    In addition to our competitive grantmaking, the Boston Foundation also supports and raises resources for a series of ambitious special initiatives aimed at solving Greater Boston’s most serious and demanding challenges. These initiatives are developed when the Foundation, often in partnership with government, business and other funders, sets aside resources to address particular issues, frequently over a multi-year period. All of our special initiatives are informed by data and their success is tracked by the Boston Indicators Project.
  • Civic Leadership

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    Over the last decade, the Boston Foundation has become a major civic leader for Greater Boston and our region—with crucial support from the Civic Leadership Fund, which raised more than $1.4 million this year.  The Foundation and our many partners in the business and nonprofit community—as well as numerous public officials—have had a real impact on a series of issues that are critical to the economic competitiveness of Greater Boston and the Commonwealth.
  • 100 Years of Impact

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    Did you know that the Boston Foundation has provided early seed funding to more than 100 nonprofits and innovative ideas?

  • Supporting Our Work

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    The Boston Foundation has a number of special funds we have established, often in partnership with other nonprofit organizations or donors.  Each of these funds plays an important role in supporting specific areas of focus or overarching needs that have been identified by the residents and leaders as central to the vitality of the Greater Boston community. 
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