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Welcome to the Boston Foundation’s Donor Solutions Center. Our donors give purposefully and apply the force of their generosity to problems they want to solve. The Foundation has a strategic plan to guide its own grant making and research; join us as you pursue your unique plan for making an impact. We invite you to learn more about the Boston Foundation and our consultative arm, The Philanthropic Initiative, including exemplary donors, groundbreaking research and the most innovative thinking in the field.

These pages offer examples and inspiration as well as practical resources for planning and carrying out your philanthropic objectives. Please contact us with your questions and thoughts.

Donor Solutions Center

help studentWe welcome you to visit our extensive library of cutting-edge research reports.

The Boston Foundation, along with two other community foundations and The Philanthropic Initiative, have created a free, interactive resource to help people who give to charitable causes to understand more about how to maximize their philanthropy.  Read more...

  • Individual and Family Solutions

    Deciding how to approach your philanthropy isn't a simple decision. Learn about fellow donors and the ways they choose to create philanthropy with impact.
  • Corporate Solutions

    Deciding how to approach corporate philanthropy isn't a simple decision. Learn about how the Boston Foundation has helped corporations develop philanthropic programs.
  • Giving Tools

    Interactive tools, definitions, descriptions, advice and examples to help you simplify and easily control your philanthropic investments.
  • Trends in Philanthropy

    Keep up with the political, technological and social forces that are shaping and influencing the world of philanthropy. The following articles discuss recent trends in the field.
  • Co-investment Opportunities

    Invest along with us. Learn more about funds and other philanthropic opportunities established or pre-vetted by the Boston Foundation's knowledgeable grant-making  or program staff and donor services professionals.
  • Experts in the Field

    Read the perspectives of experts in philanthropy and meet key Boston Foundation staff who shape our policy, program, communications, development and donor services work every day.

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