Donor Services

We are in the business of helping people like you change the world.  The Boston Foundation has an entire department that is dedicated to working closely with our donors to make their philanthropy as effective and fulfilling as possible. Our experienced and caring Donor Services team will be your partners at the Boston Foundation.  We will design a program of philanthropy that’s just right for you – bringing the same degree of commitment and passion to your philanthropy as you do.   

It all begins with you.
We will marry your aspirations and passion for giving with our deep understanding of the important issues facing our communities to achieve results that matter.  Whether you are just beginning your philanthropic journey or possess a high level of clarity and sophistication, we strategically tailor solutions to serve you and create positive change for the causes you care about.  For more information, email our Director of Donor Services or call 617-338-2684.

Meeting you where you are.
Are you an emerging philanthropist who wants to move beyond “checkbook” giving? Or an experienced philanthropist with a desire to be more strategic so that you can have a powerful, measurable impact?  Are you concerned about succession and your charitable legacy?  Wherever you are in the lifecycle and focus of your giving, we will make your contributions work harder and have a greater impact.

Getting you where you want to be.
In a time when philanthropy is more important than ever, we can help you design a giving program that’s easy and right for you – so that your passions and interests can direct your giving.  Our knowledgeable Donor Services staff serves as a liaison with charities close to home and far away – lending expertise on a wide range of issues and helping you measure the impact of your giving.  We will invite you to forums on important issues, introduce you to other donors, offer opportunities to “co-invest” in effective and timely programs that have been evaluated by our staff, and include your entire family.

We also offer customized philanthropic consulting through The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI), a distinct unit of the Boston Foundation that pioneered the field of strategic philanthropic advising over 20 years ago and remains a national leader today.  Individuals, families, foundations, and companies looking to increase the impact of their giving will benefit from TPI’s personalized approach.  Donors wishing to give internationally, either within the U.S. or abroad, will find TPI’s Center for Global Philanthropy particularly helpful. 

For more information, email our Director of Donor Services or call 617-338-2684.

Donor Services

  • Grantmaking Support and Coinvestment Opportunities

    Our staff members are deeply knowledgeable about our community and neighborhoods. In addition, through the Foundation’s robust civic leadership activities, we have deep background about some of the most critical issues of our times.
  • Donor Education and Events

    The Boston Foundation sponsors a number of programs and events designed to keep our donors informed about the issues that are having a profound impact on our community.
  • Fund Planning

    Many Boston Foundation donors put in place succession plans for their Donor Advised Fund. These plans can be crafted to reflect your personal charitable goals.
  • The Philanthropic Initiative

    The Philanthropic Initiative helps donors increase the impact of their giving through customized consulting for individual, families, foundations, and companies interested in developing, implementing and evaluating their philanthropic strategy.
  • Private Foundations

    The Boston Foundation works closely with a number of private foundations to increase the impact of their giving. If you currently have a private foundation, you can put your charitable dollars to work quickly and effectively by partnering with us.
  • Philanthropic Resources

    The Boston Foundation is committed to helping you incorporate your family into your philanthropic planning process, and offers a variety of resources to support you.
  • Philanthropy in Practice

    How are donors using the Boston Foundation to do their charitable giving? Read or download “Philanthropy in Practice” profiles in print-ready PDF format.
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