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Nepal Earthquake Relief

Click here to learn about the variety of efforts underway to support the people of Nepal after the devestating earthquake that struck on April 25.

The Boston Foundation is celebrating its centennial!

Visit our Centennial website to explore a timeline featuring photos and notable events during each of the past 100 years.  Also learn about some of the many nonprofit organizations for which the Boston Foundation was "there at the beginning."

Welcome to the Boston Foundation Community Center.  Here you will find news, information about upcoming events and the most recent post from the City of Ideas blog.

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If you have any difficulty using Advisor Xpress, please email or call Carmen Denyes at (617) 338-2676.

In Case You Missed It

If you were unable to attend one of our recent fourms or events, visit our YouTube or UStream sites for webcasts or our Flickr page to see photos.

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Recent Press Releases

Boston Foundation announces $704,000 in quarterly grants to Greater Boston organizations
Date: April 06, 2015

The Boston Foundation announced its quarterly discretionary grants after a meeting of the Foundation Board of Directors on Wednesday. The Board approved $704,000 in single and multi-year discretionary grants to be paid out beginning in April 2015.

Economic impact study of Boston 2024 Olympics finds positive impact, potential risks
Date: March 18, 2015
A 2024 Olympic Games in Boston will provide a short-term net positive impact on the local economy, according to new research by the UMass Donahue Institute that was commissioned by the Boston Foundation. The study, A Preliminary Economic Analysis of the Boston 2024 Olympics: Impacts, Opportunities and Risks, was released today by the Foundation and the Institute.

Co-Investment Opportunities

Help the Boston Foundation have an impact by supporting these initiatives.

The Donor Solutions Center

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The Donor Solutions Center is for people attracted to the kind of philanthropy that has a real impact on the challenges we face locally, nationally and around the world.  We invite you to learn more about exemplary donors, groundbreaking research and the most innovative thinking in the field.

Visit the Donor Solutions Center

Supporting Our Work

The Civic Leadership Fund Female student portrait photo The Civic Leadership Fund supports the Foundation’s role as a civic hub where information, knowledge, resources and influence come together for the greater good of our region.  This crucial fund helps us tackle some of our region’s most serious challenges through a wide range of activities.

The Permanent Fund for Boston Longley-Elisio-photo

At the heart of everything the Boston Foundation has done over the last century—every grant it has made, every innovation it has supported, every cause it has championed—is its endowment, the Permanent Fund for Boston.  Established through bequests left by hundreds of visionary and forward-thinking Bostonians since 1917, this essential fund fuels all of the Foundation’s work and provides the resources that have sparked positive change and enabled new ideas.