Meet Our President: Paul S. Grogan

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Greater Boston is fortunate to have many assets.  We have a globally competitive knowledge economy, a highly educated population, and a true wealth of higher education, health care, and cultural institutions.  With our culture of innovation, we are on the cutting edge in business, science, medicine, politics, and, most importantly, social innovation.

While there is a lot to be thankful for, we also face significant challenges.  We are not immune to the crisis in urban public school districts across the nation or the devastating trend of rising poverty and inequality.  The soaring costs of health care crowd out vital public spending on safety net issues and productive investments in our future.  We are not doing what is necessary to prepare our workforce for the needs of the twenty-first century economy.

We are passionate about our work at the Boston Foundation because we know we are central to confronting these challenges head on.  As the steward of the region’s philanthropic capital, we have the opportunity to attack the underlying causes of urban distress.  Through our grantmaking, partnerships with donors, community leadership, and public-private collaborations we are taking on the most pressing challenges in education, health and wellness, job training, arts and culture, housing, safety, economic security and nonprofit effectiveness.  In short, we are making investments in our city’s future.


An Interview with
Paul S. Grogan

Paul S. Grogan’s career has taken him from service at Boston City Hall to leading the Local Initiatives Support Coalition (LISC), the nation’s largest community development intermediary. He has worked in higher education and is a leader in the philanthropic sector. Read about his background and experience in his biography.

Paul S. Grogan has dedicated his life to urban revitalization and has been hailed as a “hero of the community development movement.” Read his thoughts on why cities should be celebrated and what it takes to make them viable in this interview with the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay.